Financial Freedom

What does true faith look like? This is a part of the questions that I AM Desperate Ministries asks. Are we limiting what God can do in our lives? Do we let God direct and provide for our lives? What does it really mean to be faithful?

I AM Desperate Ministry asks these questions while reminding both believers and nonbelievers that God wants to provide for everyone--but it comes at a cost. The goal of the ministry is to challenge the financial elements that come with faith, looking into what it means to sacrifice in the midst of God’s provision.

God provides in many ways, and one of those ways is financially. God does not want us to focus on the reward, though, but on Him. Yet we become desperate to see God in our lives. The ministry is a redirection of financial thought and action which leads to God’s financial provision. When we focus on God, He will provide so that we may keep our focus. And it is still up to God as to what that provision may look like.

The ministry is set out to direct and answer questions on financial provision. Looking at the questions of who is the provision for, why does God provide for us, how do we allow God to provide?